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Learn, create, earn.

BOLT delivers a first-class user experience across all mobile devices, including low-bandwidth smartphones, currently used by more than 3 million global users.


Live and let live channels.

Catch all your favourite Live TV channels including Al Jazeera and Channel NewsAsia, as well as BOLT Originals - summaries in 3 minutes or less of info you need to know.


Will the football match?

For the sports fanatics, football highlights and match replays from the top football leagues in the world, including the UEFA Champions League, English Premier League and La Liga. Don’t miss all your favorite cricket games too!


From your favourite creators, with love.

BOLT Content Creators have a euphoric pulse - they are the creative practitioners, the revolutionary thinkers, and the leaders of a new generation. Trending topic reporters through to storytellers, visual artists, musicians and more.

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Powered by the BOLT Token

We have built a blockchain enabled entertainment network that sustains itself. BOLT tokens offer exclusive user access and allow content creators to be compensated fairly.

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Built on Zilliqa, the world’s first high-speed and secure public Blockchain platform.

Find out about the ecosystem

First class partnerships for accelerated growth.

BOLT also has a robust partner ecosystem which is helping us to accelerate network growth. This includes Content/Broadcasters, Telcos, Football Highlights, News Highlights, and Blockchain Partners.

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Be part of the world’s first open entertainment platform.

We have built a blockchain enabled entertainment network that sustains itself. With the BOLT Token, there are no limits to the content you can access, and the stories you can learn or create

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