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Mobile games account for:

Of all app downloads
Of consumer spend
Of time spent in-app

The more a brand can encourage its audience to interact and engage with them, the more they can grow.

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Interactive game shows tailored to your brand

Your brand's bespoke 24 hour live channel in your app or website

Complete service from app planning to launch and execution

Reward system for your audience

Monitoring of data and spending

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Case Studies

What can you achieve with us?

Second largest TV manufacturer in the world, with 20 million TVs sold in 2019

Used BOLT's live TV feeds in upcoming smart TV application for the African continent

Brought a major sporting event (Rugby World Cup) to their African audience through BOLT

Co-marketing on all digital platforms

Pre-installed our app in their mobile devices (Africa)

India's leading social networking site with 50 million monthly active users

Brought a major sporting event (International Cricket Cup) to their audience through BOLT

Co-marketing on all digital platforms

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