Enter a new world with the BOLT Xperience

There’s a place for red tape and barriers – This isn’t it. BOLT+ is created for the creators, the go-getters, the paradigm-breakers. Your arena of creative freedom, your go-to source of inspiration. Break free from the limits imposed by the framework around us – because you’re in charge here.

How does streaming on BOLT+ work?

Stream – Stay LIVE while you live your life

  • 🔸 The best of both worlds, at your fingertips with Streamer TV
  • 🔸 Mix and match live and pre-recorded streams on your channel so your audience is always entertained even when you’re living your life

Shop – Unique, singular, merchandise that’s truly one of its kind

  • 🔸 Explore multiple revenue streams – regardless of your level of familiarity with the blockchain. We’ve got basic options for newbies and expert-level.
    • 🔹 Ad revenue – hostads, earn cash
    • 🔹 Live tipping – Get rewarded directly from fans for your work
    • 🔹 NFT Sales – Host limited-time auctions and exclusive drops – drive demand and value with exclusivity
    • 🔹 Token Trading – Release your very own token, valued with liquidity programs with the BOLT ecosystem

Shape – Mould our ecosystem by submitting and voting on new features

  • 🔸 Have your voice heard by voting for ideas as we implement what’s best for our community.

Our Streamers

Wild Earth
The Kowalsky Way

"I'm thrilled to be able to share the stories of the amazing women and men behind the bottle with BOLT."
- Monique Soltani - Wine Oh TV Founder

"BOLT opens the option for people to create original content, utilising digital assets as an incentive for both the creator and the audience"
- Kowalski way

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