The Power of LIVE

We work with some of the largest telco network operators globally to drive user engagement and recurring revenue through the power of LIVE streams on BOLT+

Enable the power of real-time for your subscribers

We work with over 400 broadcasters to deliver live TV and independent live streams from all around the world to your users right in their pocket. Never miss a moment through BOLT+!

Stand out from the crowd by using live streams as a differentiator

Our live streams are optimised for users to watch on the go, with little buffering or downtime. No cable TV? Use BOLT!

Data-free live TV? Sign me up!

  • We work with you to design flexible and attractive plans for your subscribers to enjoy the power of live TV on the go, including co-marketing strategy to re-engage your subscribers.
  • Our revenue share agreements with you are also fair and transparent , and can be re-verified on the Blockchain if required.

Be on the pulse of culture by working with in-market local live streamers

People love content. We identify and work with emerging talent in local markets to bring their creative ideas to BOLT+. Work with them to reach out to a new generation of young and savvy users who live their lives online

Featured Telco Networks

MTN South Africa
Telenor Pakistan
DiGi Malaysia

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