The All-New, All-Different BOLT.

#52 BOLT Vault — All new, all different. 20/5/21
Hello again, BOLTians, and welcome to this week’s issue of Vault! We have a whole lot in store this week, from the highly anticipated website refresh to a partnership with a regional leader in South Asian esports. Let’s get started!

New look, new feel — the new BOLT website is going LIVE!

It’s ready — the brand new BOLT Global website is going LIVE by the end of the week! BOLT’s new website will be the first destination for our growing ecosystem of users, streamers, and brands to learn and participate in the growing BOLT ecosystem — including our live streaming service and token-led features on BOLT X. Our new home will house important details while being progressively updated with new information and new pages for the wider community to learn and get involved with BOLT. It’s a living, beating heart for all things BOLT — a revolving hub of information for all your BOLT needs! Suggestions? Feel free to drop us an email at

Resilience Esports, LIVE on BOLT+!

We’re teaming up with one of India’s largest esports organisations — Resilience Esports! Hailing from North-East India, Resilience works with athletes and creators, hosting tournaments and establishing partnerships with the aim of improving the development of esports in India. Resilience is currently an active partner of the Esports Federation of India, working with the federation in growing the esports community in India. Look out for Resilience Esports and their stable of creators, going LIVE on BOLT+ in the coming days!

May Community AMA

It’s AMA time again! In this session of BOLT’s Community AMAs for 2021 on Zoom, BOLT’s founders Jamal Hassim and Christel Quek will be answering your queries LIVE on BOLT+! Send your questions in at this link — and tune in, 25th May, at 1pm GMT!

We’re listening — give us your feedback!

As we kickstart this new era of BOLT Global with our brand-new look, we’re looking to our communities for feedback! Tell us what you want to see on our website, let us know what features you’re looking forward to — help us create a movement we can all be proud of at this link! Thanks for reading! Join us on Telegram to participate in discussions on how we can make BOLT a movement we can be proud of. Drop us a note at for suggestions on what you would like to read next. ⚡️ Visit our Website ⚡️ Our Twitter ⚡️ Subscribe to our BOLT VAULT Newsletter on email
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