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  • Introducing the BOLT Ecosystem.

    We built an ecosystem on the blockchain to provide an in-ecosystem store of value which increases as utility increases.

    Smart Contract Audit done by Coinmercenary

    Our vision of the BOLT Ecosystem

    The ecosystem that we envision is aimed to be a medium of choice for high-quality, informational and hyper-local content.

    We wanted to give people access to the content they would find meaningful, while allowing creators to get rewarded by virtue of the BOLT ecosystem expansion — without the complexities of share issuances - and provide insulation against the fluctuation in emerging market currencies.

    How it works

    BOLT allows users to rely on a trust-less network to administer payments,
    resulting in an entertainment network that sustains


    First-time users receive complimentary tokens and subsequently can top up tokens. Creators and users can also mutually unlock value by participating equally in the ecosystem.


    BOLT provides a wallet for users to receive, trade, store, and manage their BOLT credits as well as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Zilliqa, which can be used in the BOLT ecosystem.


    BOLT users trade tokens with other users and content providers in exchange for content/other services. Tokens are therefore not burnt but reissued in the system.

    Solving an inherent problem

    We aim to solve three main problems of emerging markets on their way to digital content; streaming cost and speed requirements are significantly lower with the BOLT solution, and services can be bought directly from the mobile phone with no need to have access to a bank account.

    Token Applications

    BOLT has an immersive user experience starting with video, but we intend to expand into audio, and use that as enablers for verticals such as health, education, and even micro-finance.

    We want to connect users all around the world to content and conversations that will matter - and help shape their day for the better.